How it works


Customer is our first priority and our aim is to satisfy each and every customer who approach us for a solution. So, to satisfy everyone, TINSOLAR follows a procedure and always assists customer to reach their goals using solar power.


One of our local partners or our team will evaluate your requirements, understand your needs, your home potentials, explains the benefits, process flow, how the solar works , answers your queries and tell you how much you can save using solar. TINSOLAR main aim is to listen to customer preferences and choices in clears their perception towards solar in consultation phase.


Based on clients requirement and preferences our executives will generate a proposal which meets your needs by evaluating your domestic or commercial building potential.

Sign the solar service agreement to enjoy the benefits of clean power at lower rate for next coming years. We will contact and explain you in person all the terms and conditions required to start working with TINSOLAR. There are no hidden fares, in return we provide you plenty of guarantees and warranties and discounts that saves and protect you and your home.


Once you’ve agreed to move forward with TINSOLAR, we will schedule an appointment for our site assessors to consult you at your convenient place, where we will take a deeper look of your site or home to evaluate it properly. During the assessment, th team will evaluate each and every corner and take the measurements to create a customized plan for your requirements.


Our expert engineers who will design a solar power system will work with both the assessors and installation team and design a customized plan to meet your requirements based on your site dimensions, scalability, needs etc. Once we have finalised the design we will inform you the final system for the approval.


As your design is ready, we will coordinate with the local municipality to get approval. Our personal customer success manager will make sure of getting done with all the paper work and permits in your city. All you need to do in this phase is sit back, relax and wait for installation day. We will let you know as soon as everything is approved.


After getting permissions and completion of all the paper work, our team will get into picture on your solar installation. On the installation days, you can expect us to have solar panels up and make them ready in specified time. We will coordinate with you to determine schedule for delivering the equipment and completing installation.


Once we are finished, we will work with our Quality and utility team on the work process and progress to make sure that the complete system complies with the energy standards. The inspection helps us ensure long term quality and performance for the complete system.


Once we are finished, we will show you how to turn the system on and off. Now you can set up your net meter to keep track of energy you consume as well as the excess energy you sell. Now your system is live and ready to harness the power of the sun.


We monitor and maintain your solar system for you and offer an included warranty at no extra cost. As you solar system is generating power, which means it’s time for you to enjoy savings.